OL 303 Assignment Five Homework
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This week’s resources:
Assignment Five Discussion
CSDi Development Community & the Family Food Security Group
Magee Example Project Assignment Five

Assignment 5. Refining your planning and management tools
The purpose of this week’s assignment isn’t to make you do a lot of work. It’s very powerful for any project to have a log frame, a detailed budget and a schedule. Undoubtedly, your project has evolved over the past month.

Consequently, please feel free to use the log frame, budget, and schedule that I am providing as templates — if that will save you time. Just modify them to better match your project’s direction and local cost basis.

Part One. Refine Project Log Frame.
Please take a look at your completed log frame from Assignment two of 0L 102/OL 342 to refresh your memory about your sub-goals, outputs and activities.

Then, look at your draft plan from last week’s assignment and underline the main activities. Make a quick list sorted by sub-goals and outputs. Compare this either to your original log frame or to my current one — whichever will be fastest to refine.

For outputs that are very similar simply edit them. For new outputs insert new rows and cut and paste in information. Be sure and change your numbering sequence.

Part Two. Refine Project Budget.
In a similar fashion, compare your revised log frame with your original budget and with the budget template that I’m providing this week. Choose whichever one will be easier to revise. Make minor edits to similar outputs and insert new rows and paste in new output information. Be sure and check your totals to make sure that your formulas have not been corrupted.


Part Three. Refine Project Schedule
In the same manner revise comparable outputs and insert new rows and paste in new outputs into your schedule. Be careful as you develop your bar chart that you don’t get multiple workshops going on in the same months.

Part Four. Meeting with Experts
With your results from your surveys from assignment four, your draft plan for the garden program and your newly developed management tools you should be able to meet with an agriculturalist and a nutritionist and give them a very clear picture of how your project is evolving and of the needs of the community.

This should be an introductory meeting aimed at establishing partnerships over the next 12 months. However, you might be able to garner some very useful information!

The homework to turn in will be:
1. Your refined log frame.
2. Your refined budget.
3. Your refined schedule.
4. One very short paragraph about your meeting with a agriculturalist and the nutritionist.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Five to see what this could look like.

See you next week.