OL 303 Assignment Four Discussion
Vegetable Gardens & Community Gardens for Family Nutrition & Food Security

This is the assignment that will cause the project you’ve been working on for the past four months to suddenly take a quantum leap. Four months ago your community participated in a 10 seed analysis where they expressed their needs; this lead you towards a nutrition project.

Now from their food security, dietary diversity, and home gardening surveys, you have the chance to see where they really sit. This could be an eye opener for you, or it could simply substantiate what they were talking about four months ago.

But you should now be able to see what they’re missing in their diets, and working with a nutritionist and an agronomists you will be able to begin addressing that problem.

The results from your studies will provide several useful pieces of information. You will be able to see where your community is today: the baseline. This will help you determine where you want to go. It will also give you something to measure against. For example, if this is a two-year project, at year one you can do the survey again and see if your project is improving the original problem. At the end of your project you can do the survey again and see if you’re having any cause of results. And in three years you could go back and do it again and see if you had sustainable impact.

So this week we will begin the process of setting some goals of what we would like to achieve over the next two years based upon the results of the baseline survey, and begin a draft plan of your gardening project.

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