OL 303 Assignment Six Discussion
Vegetable Gardens & Community Gardens for Family Nutrition & Food Security


This should be a much easier assignment then last week or the week before — this is largely the logistics of preparing for your garden bed planting workshop. You’ve actually got a full two weeks until the planting workshop.

So this week will largely consist of finding a location for the workshop, scheduling it with the community and assembling tools and supplies you may need.

Hopefully your introductory meeting with the nutritionist and agriculturalist went well last week and that you will be able to continue working with them off and on over the next two weeks so they can answer questions for you that may come up during the planning process.

During your discussions with the agriculturalist it would be important to encourage them to attend the workshop so that they can act as support for you. You could even take the approach that they could lead the workshop and you could use it as a learning experience.

Hopefully you were able to find a seed supplier to either donate seats to the project, or give you a discount.

You will need to have a list of what garden crops you’re going to plan to introduce to the community based upon discussions with the agriculturalist and the nutritionist so that you can purchase seed.

I also imagine that you might be able to borrow the tools that you need for the workshop so that you won’t have to purchase them.

Hopefully you were able to develop a relationship with a garden leader in the community where you’re going to hold a workshop so they can help you with some of the preparation such as cleaning the space where you’re going to put in the first bed, coordinating with members of the community, and the people whose land it is you’re going to do the workshop on.

Good luck and enjoy this week.

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