OL 303 Assignment Eight Discussion
Vegetable Gardens & Community Gardens for Family Nutrition & Food Security

Assignment Eight: Garden Bed Planting Workshop

This is going to be a very short discussion today because you have lots to do in preparation for your workshop.

This should be a very exciting workshop resulting from two months of hard work in this course. This workshop should be a lot of fun because you’ll be not only sharing a bit of information in the beginning of the workshop but you will also be digging garden beds and planting seeds.

With your workshop lesson plan and your recent experience of leading a workshop you should have no trouble. Plus if you were able to develop a relationship with the agriculturalist, and they’re able to join you — the workshop should be relatively straightforward.

If I were to have a goal for this workshop it would simply be to encourage the participants to go home and start a small garden which will represent a win for them in the first year. Don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information or expectations of developing too large of a garden that they will have trouble maintaining in the first year.

Enjoy the process!

Please send me photographs of your workshop!

I look forward to hearing about your results.

Please be sure to take a moment and fill out the course evaluation which can be downloaded from the download course documents page. Thank you in advance.

Please move on to Assignment Eight Homework.