OL 304 Assignment Three Homework
Online Learning:
Vegetable Garden Care & Maintenance for Family Gardens & Community Gardens
Center for Sustainable Development


This week’s resources:
Assignment Three Discussion
Magee Example Project Assignment Three
OL 303 Specific Links
Healthy Harvest:
pp. 15 – 18 (mixed meals, food requirements)
pp. 22 – 23 (menu ideas);
pp. 54 – 60 (food for children)
The Sustainable Nutrition Manual
(menu plan using seasonally available foods)
(serving sizes)
(Handouts food availability)
(Menu Plan Handouts)
OL 304 Specific Links
 Example of a Menu Plan for the Week Blank.xls (based upon the Sustainable Nutrition Manual)

Assignment Three. Introduction to Meal Planning and Cooking
Part One: Menu Concepts
Feel free to do the next two parts as a short workshop — or during your normal follow-up visits: either way is fine.

Read through the resources above for background information and some very well presented ideas about planning meals and developing menus.

Download the Example of a Menu Plan for the Week Blank.xls, and print out the completed one in the Sustainable Nutrition Manual. Show them to your friends, families, colleagues, and look at your notes from week three’s workshop on nutrition in OL 303.

Pencil in ideas for menu items as you’re speaking with your friends; ask them if they can think of any recipes that they might have which would fulfill the menu items for any of the meals.

Cleanup this new one week menu in Excel and print it out.

Part Two: Cookbook for a Week’s Menu
Ask your friends that you met with about the recipes to please send them to you through e-mail.

Look around for some slightly nicer recipes that might include some interesting spices that can make the traditional recipes more interesting and varied. Also collect a few more expensive recipes that might include more meat for example — for special occasions.

Then, ask your colleagues, and do an Internet search, and try to determine if another NGO has prepared a set of menus or a cookbook for your local area — from a previous project.

Print out two sets of your recipes, organize them by breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. Keep one for yourself as your master copy and give the second to a community member who can help interpret them for the rest of the community members.

You do not need to complete a cookbook for this week’s assignment. It might take you several months to collect enough recipes — and it could be a good project for volunteer.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. The Example Menu Plan for one Week that you filled out with your friends.
2. An example of one recipe from your cookbook.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment 3 to see what this could look like.

See you next week.