OL 332 Assignment Five Homework
Online Learning: OL 332 Water Conservation & Management
Center for Sustainable Development.

This week’s resources:
-Assignment Five Discussion
-Magee Example Project Assignment Five
-Resources listed in Assignment Five Discussion

Assignment Five. Survey of Activities for Water Harvesting

Part One.
Refresh your memory of the results of your participatory mapping of water resources and challenges relating to water security. Is it possible that one of the biggest challenges is that there is rain but no knowledge of how to collect the water nor how to store it for extended use..

Part Two.
Do an Internet search on water harvesting and household rooftop rainwater harvesting for your project’s country. Look especially for any scientific studies that demonstrate the viability of one of these two environmental systems.

List three (and provide the Internet link) of the handbooks, documents, or scientific studies that you find—and then write a brief paragraph summarizing the documents.

Part Three.

Scan the list of resources in the Assignment Five Discussion, and then pick a couple that seem the most interesting to you.
After reviewing the documents listed in the Assignment Five Discussion and the documents that you investigated on the Internet, compare the two water harvesting systems to the needs identified within your community, and to the resources they have available to contribute to the water management component of your project.

Then write a very brief paragraph about your interest, the community’s interest, and the viability of incorporating one of these two systems into your project.

If, there are any aspects of these two types of water harvesting systems which would work for your project, write a second very brief paragraph about which facets of these systems are the most interesting to you and include a bulleted list of the individual specific facets that would work in your project.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. A list of three online resources (including their online links) about either water harvesting system in your project’s country.
2. A short paragraph summarizing your findings described in these documents.
3. A short paragraph about your interest, your communities interest in the viability of incorporating one of these two types of water harvesting systems into your project—or possibly incorporating one facet of these systems into your project.

Don’t forget that next week is your six hour workshop to work with the Water Conservation and Management Subcommittee to introduce the concept of developing a water conservation and management plan. You can find a link to the field guide and lesson plan for doing this under week four of the download class documents page. If you’re reading this assignment at the beginning of week five and you’ve scheduled the workshop for the Saturday of week six you still have approximately 2 weeks to prepare for the workshop.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Five to see what this could look like.

See you next week.