OL 333 Assignment Six Homework
Online Learning: OL 333 Climate Smart Agriculture.

This week’s resources:
-Assignment Six Discussion
-Magee Example Project Assignment Six
-Resources listed in Assignment Six Discussion

Assignment 6. Selecting the most appropriate climate smart agricultural techniques from the previous three assignments and presenting the project design to the Farmer’s Association.

Part One.
Go back to your Assignment Two and copy the concise problem definition that you wrote about the farmers and paste it into Assignment Six. Then, copy the potential detailed solutions that you discussed with the farmers and paste them into Assignment Six—just like my example Assignment 6.

Part Two.
Compile the techniques investigated in the previous three assignments
Go back to Assignment Three, Assignment Four, and Assignment Five and copy the bulleted lists that you developed of the techniques that you are interested in using. Paste them into Assignment Six.

Part Three.
Prioritize the new techniques and combine them with your original project outline
First, compare to three bulleted lists from part two. If you see similarities or overlaps between some of the techniques, simply combine the similar techniques into a shorter list.

Next, go back to Assignment Five of OL 343 and copy your project programs that relate to community-based adaptation and paste them in to Assignment Six of this course.

Finally, insert the individual bulleted techniques (as if they were sub-activities to the main activities in your programs) into your project outline.

Part Four.
Ask members of the Farmer’s Association for feedback on the expanded project outline.
Make an appointment for this coming week with a few, representative members of the Farmer’s Association Management Committee to share your new, expanded project outline with.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. A compilation of your projects problem definition, the new climate smart agricultural techniques that you prioritized over the past three assignments, and your CBA program outlines from your original project.
2. An expanded project outline that incorporates the new techniques that you prioritized of the last three assignments as sub-activities.
3. A date for a brief meeting with a few members of the Farmer’s Association.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Six to see what this could look like.

See you next week.