OL 343 Assignment Two Homework
Online Learning: OL 343 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change: The Community Focus.

This week’s resources:
Assignment Two Discussion
Magee Example Project Assignment Two

101 Hands-On Field Activities for Community Based Adaptation Projects:

Specialized Links to Adaptation Documents and Sites

Assignment Two. Are our CBA activities linked to a changing climate?
Comparing our project’s challenge to the challenges local evidence is revealing.

Part 1.
What are the typical near-term and long-term CC challenges that our research from last week revealed?
Compile a short paragraph the most important points of near-term CC challenges from your Assignment One chart.
Compile a short paragraph on the most important points of the long-term CC challenges from your Assignment One chart.

Part 2.
How do our CBA activities relate to the typical challenges above?

Copy your CBA program from your week two 341 project outline and paste it in here. Briefly describe in a short paragraph which aspects of your CBA program will work to solve which challenges that you identified in your research last week.

If you did not have a CBA program in your project — now is your chance to add one.

Part 3.
Do we need to modify our CBA activities based upon what we have learned?
If you feel that the CBA activities from your original project outline aren’t relevant, or aren’t encompassing enough, this is where you can modify them. Write down an aspect from the challenges that you discovered in last week’s assignment that you did not cover in your original CBA program or did not cover well enough. In a brief paragraph summarize how you could expand upon your program to provide solutions for this challenge.

Now enter a modified section for your outline in the same outline format that you used in week two of 341.

Part 4.
Accurately define your local CC context and programming.
Almost as if you’re writing a new problem statement and a new goal statement, very briefly describe the exact CC context that you’ve developed last week and this week — and then briefly describe how your CBA program will work to solve this.

Part 5.
Schedule a participatory adaptation workshop with our community for two weeks from now.
Contact your community and see if you can schedule a one day (or 2, half-day) workshop two weeks from now where you can share with them the development of the project and exchange information on climate change concepts. A suggestion might to be to schedule it for the Saturday of that week – that way you will have the whole week before the Saturday for extra preparation time.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. A brief description of near-term and long-term climate change challenges that you discovered during your research last week
2. A brief description of which aspects of your original project work to address which aspects of the new challenges that you discovered.
3. A brief description of how you would modify your program activities or introduce new activities to better address the challenges that you discovered last week. Keep the program simple please.
4. A brief description of the exact context of your project and a brief description of how your program will create a positive adaptation.
5. Who you contacted to set up a workshop and the proposed date of the workshop

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Two to see what this could look like.

See you next week.