OL 343 Assignment Six Homework
Online Learning: OL 343 Adapting to Climate Change: The Community Focus.

This week’s resources:
Assignment Six Discussion
Magee Example Project Assignment Six
CARE: Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis

Assignment Six. Feedback and Ownership
Part One. Incorporating your project refinements into your management documents.
Using the simple project outline which you adapted in the last assignment, add the new elements into your log frame—and expand upon the individualized activities within the newly inserted outputs. Modify any of the other outputs that you made changes to.

As before, copy and paste these into the budget and make your budget revisions do the same with your schedule. It’s good to do this now while it’s fresh in your mind and with the practice that you had in the last course you should be able to do this very quickly. Depending on your relationship with the potential donor, you may want to modify your two-page fact sheet, or you may want to wait.

There is no homework to turn in for making these revisions—this is simply for you and your teammates.

Part Two. Feedback and Ownership
Exactly like you did in OL 341, it’s time to return to your community and share with them the simple summary of the results of their workshop two weeks ago, and the now refined project outline. At your choice, you can meet with the whole group that attended the workshop, or you can just meet with a few representatives—whichever is easiest for both you and for them.

There should be no surprises for the community members because you’ve kept an open dialogue with them about the project as it has evolved. I’m hoping that they might have some feedback which you can use to continue tightening up your project. It’s highly unlikely that they will want to make any major changes however.

The most important part of this exercise is to continue building the community’s ownership of this project. Community-Based Adaptation means—community-based.

Please send me a very brief summary of their comments about the workshop summary that you present to them, and about their feelings and feedback, and about how the project has developed.

Part Three. Pre-preparation for the leadership workshop
Next week you’re going to begin learning how truly important it is for the community to have ownership of this project, because you’re going to begin the process of developing a community-based project team that will be your direct partner in launching, implementing, and eventually handing over the project. You can learn more about launching, implementing, and handing over the project in the OL 344 syllabus here: https://csd-i.org/ol-344-adapting-climate-change/

But this week, during your feedback meeting with the community representatives, discuss with them the idea of developing a project oversight committee made entirely of community members that will take the responsibility of overseeing the community’s participation in the launching, implementing, and takeover—I. E. Long-term sustainability—of their project. Let them know this will be started in a workshop in two weeks, and that they should begin talking among themselves who might be the best community members to sit on the committee.

Please write a brief summary of their reception to this idea — and give me the date of the workshop to be established in two weeks.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. Please send me a very brief description of their comments about the workshop summary that you present to them, and about their feelings and feedback about how the project has developed.

2. Please write a brief summary of their reception to the idea of forming a community-based oversight committee—and give me the date of the workshop to be established in two weeks.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Six to see what this could look like.

See you next week in Assignment 7.