Assignment Five Discussion
Online Learning: OL 343 Adapting to Climate Change: The Community Focus.
Center for Sustainable Development

Assignment Five. Project Refinement
Comparing an Assessment of Local Vulnerability and Problems/Underlying Causes with Your Problem Matrix

This is an important week and I’m excited to see your assignments.

This is the week where we compare scientific knowledge with local knowledge.

You’ve collected quite a bit of sound scientific information over the past few months — and last week you had the opportunity of conferring with your community and learning about their knowledge and also seeing their needs assessment through a new lens — their vulnerabilities to a changing climate.

This assignment looks long — but it really isn’t. If you simply follow my example assignment you’ll find that it’s largely filling in short lists that the community gave you during the exercises and doing a bit of cutting and pasting.

However, I think you’ll find the results most remarkable.

Please move on to Assignment five — I look forward to seeing your work.


Tim Magee