Assignment Eight Discussion
Online Learning: OL 343 Adapting to Climate Change: The Community Focus.
Center for Sustainable Development

Assignment Eight. Leading a Participatory Teambuilding Workshop: Forming a Village Committee

This is going to be a very short discussion today because you have lots to do in preparation for your workshop.

In the workshop from four weeks ago you learned a lot about local knowledge, community vulnerability, adaptive capacities, and traditional strategies; you also increased community ownership of the project concept. You were then able to combine this information with the scientific research that you did several weeks before—into a solid project.

Now, you are beginning to make their project real. This week you are going to hold another workshop that is aimed at creating long-term sustainability of the project outcomes. This will be in the form of creating a village committee to work as your partner in launching, implementing, and in taking over the project.

This week’s workshop is simply to gain consensus among a group of participants in the validity of forming this committee and in electing/appointing the first committee members.

Make the workshop as participatory as possible by keeping the exchange of information as conversational as possible. If you bring up comments or questions in an effort to keep the workshop lively—make sure that they are directed towards getting responses and feedback from the participants: this isn’t meant to be a lecture.

Please send me photographs of your workshop!

Good luck—I look forward to hearing about your results—please move on to assignment Eight.


Tim Magee