OL 344 Assignment Two Homework
Online Learning: OL 344 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change: Sustainable Implementation.


This week’s resources:
Assignment Two Discussion
Magee Example Project Assignment Two

Assignment Two. Engaging the community in project launch and assessing management skills

Part 1.

Last week we scheduled a meeting for this week. The idea of this meeting is to present your management tools to the committee—the list of activities that you organized for the community to implement, the simple project description, and the simple project schedule. Try to make your meeting as open as possible and where the communication can be as participatory and two-way as possible. Strive to understand their feelings, their impressions, and try to get their honest feedback.

If there’s something that they don’t like about what you’re presenting try to determine if it’s because they don’t understand it (in which case try to find a way to better communicate), or if it is because there isn’t this agreement between the committee members (a solution would be to propose that they discuss this further without your being there and give you a final decision in a week), or because an activity should not have been included in this list (in which case perhaps you should remove it or exchange it for something else).

Take notes.

Part 2.
The next thing to do in the meeting is to work with the committee to schedule a participatory adaptation workshop with community members for two weeks from now.

Discuss the first activity that they will have involvement in, discuss the date on the schedule, and asked if they would move forward with (this is from the Magee example Assignment One) scheduling the workshop with community members and finding a location for the workshop. Fill them in on your plans, a little bit about what you’re going to be doing in preparation, how long you feel the workshop will be, a little bit about what will be discussed at the workshop, whether you propose providing snacks, how long you feel the workshop will last, and what time you propose to arrive.

Part 3.
Assessing management skills

I would pick a single page in your notebook that you can use over the next few weeks on which to add notes of possible management skills that could be developed or improved. The first step would be to ask the committee: what new skills would you like to learn or improve upon so that you can be an effective committee?

Also, you should be observant and make note of things that you feel could be improved upon. If the committee members have never sat on a committee before, they might not be aware of skills that they will be needing.

Part 4.

Have a heart to heart discussion with yourself and think about whether it would be a good idea to ask one of the committee members (or a suitable alternate), to assist you in some of your project activities. This could be assisting you in a workshop, shadowing you during follow-up activities, it could be any number of things. The good thing about this is that this person will learn by doing how to run the project. The downside may be that you don’t have enough time scheduled in the project to do this extra bit of work—or maybe the community members don’t either.

If you feel that it is a good possibility ask the committee members if they think it’s a good opportunity as well; if so make a suggestion of who you would like to work with—or ask them for suggestion.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. A brief two or three sentences about how the presentation to the committee of the community’s list of activities went.
2. A brief two or three sentences about how the presentation of the project tools—the outline and schedule went.
3. A description of when and where the first workshop will be held—and its subject matter.

4. A brief list of areas where the committee members may need (or want) some capacity building in order to manage and oversee the committee and to the project.
5. Your thoughts about involving a committee member in participating in some of your activities as a co-facilitator or assistant in order to learn how to do it. If you feel positive about this what was the reaction of the committee members to this idea. If it was positive who did they suggest you could work with.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Two to see what this could look like.

See you next week.