OL 344 Assignment Six Homework
Online Learning: OL 344 Adapting to Climate Change: Sustainable Implementation


This week’s resources:
Assignment Six Discussion
Magee Example Project Assignment Six
CARE: Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis

Assignment Six. Community Empowerment: Project Handover
Part One. Developing a community plan for long-term management and maintenance of the project.
The first thing that we’re going to do in this assignment is to make a simple list of the project outputs and/or the outcomes that the committee needs to maintain. This will probably be a fairly simple list: these are the big picture continuing program components of the project

Make a short list of these program components: see my example for ideas. The difference between this assignment and Assignment Five is that Assignment Five was a participatory M&E plan to use during project implementation while your NG0 is still there. This assignment is a much simpler list about what they need to continue doing after you leave—with a few simple indicators of success that they can monitor and evaluate.

Part Two. Developing a plan for finding future technical and financial support partners.
It’s very important for community members to not only learn about potential institutions and organizations that they can call upon, but it’s also important for them to learn about how they can research these organizations in the future because contacts that we give them today might not exist or may have changed 20 years from now.

2a. This will be a two staged meeting with the committee. Please open up CARE: Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis, and go to page 41. You should be able to do this exercise with the committee in about an hour. This will give them a list of people that they can approach today if they have a problem.

2b. Next, write out a quarter page bulleted list of instructions of what they could do 20 years from now to find an institution, a department, a person that they could approach with their challenge—and what they would take with them to show that person.

Part Three. Identifying a roadmap of key milestones to let the community know that they’re on track in future decades
Based upon the list of adaptation components that the committee needs to maintain, list one or two indicators underneath each one of them that should be intermediate goals that they want to achieve—one leading to the next.

Share the list of program components and milestones with the committee for their input and feedback.

Part Four. Present final report to community
This assignment should be organized, and cleaned up, and presented to the community in a format which will be understandable and useful to them.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. A list of major program components of the project that the community will need to maintain for effective adaptation.
    1a. List beneath each of these program components one or two indicators (milestones) that are intermediate goals that will let the community know that they are on track—or that they need to seek technical support. I actually included more than one or two but you’re not required to do that.
2. The list of organizations that can provide technical support and/or financial support during project continuation.
3. The bulleted list of instructions of what the community can do 20 years from now to identify new institutions to approach.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Six to see what this could look like.