Assignment Four Discussion
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Assignment Four. Project Launch: Leading a Participatory Workshop in a CBA Long-term Skill Set

This is going to be a very short discussion today because you have lots to do in preparation for your workshop.

Congratulations! You’re officially launching the implementation phase of your project.

In the very first workshop that you led five months ago using the 10 seed technique it was meant to be a purely participatory workshop. In other words you were facilitating the collection of information from your community without coloring it with your own voice.

From the needs that the participants voiced you developed a simple theory of change and a simple project outline. After a few weeks of fine tuning your project, you returned to the community to get their feedback on what you had designed for them.

If you did your job well, the community should have felt that you were working on their project for them. If they liked the project that you returned with they should by then have developed a sense of ownership; this was their project and you were simply supporting it.

Now, you are beginning to make their project real. This week you are going to hold the workshop that actually launches the implementation of the project that you’ve worked so long to develop.

Although you will be in a teaching role, make the workshop as participatory as possible by keeping the exchange of information as conversational as possible. If you bring up comments or questions in an effort to keep the workshop lively—make sure that they are directed towards getting responses and feedback from the participants. This will help them keep their sense of ownership of the project

Please send me photographs of your workshop!

Good luck—I look forward to hearing about your results—please move on to Assignment Four.


Tim Magee