OL 345 Assignment Four Homework
Online Learning: OL 345 Community Based DRR Training.
Center for Sustainable Development.

This week’s resources:
-Assignment Four Discussion
-Magee Example Project Assignment Four
-Resources listed in Assignment Four Discussion
-Developing a Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Plan: Field Guide, How To Card and Workshop Lesson Plan

Assignment Four. Survey Of Activities to Use before Disaster Strikes
Part One.

Paste in the definition of your challenge from assignment two at the top of this week’s homework.

I would recommend scanning the list of resources in the Assignment Four Discussion, and then pick a couple that seem the most interesting to you.

After reviewing the documents pick one or two of the activities and compare them to the needs identified within your community, and to the resources they have available to see if one of the activities might be appropriate for your project.

Then write a very brief paragraph about your community’s resources, and the viability of incorporating one of these technologies into your project.

Include a bulleted list of the individual specific facets that would work in your project.

Please note: you can focus on one theme most appropriate to your project: early warning systems or mitigation. Or if both seem appropriate you can do a short bulleted list for each one.

Part Two.
If one or two of the specific activities is appropriate for your community’s needs, do a quick Internet search for handbooks on the specific activities by your community’s country or region. Also, look especially for any scientific studies that demonstrate the viability of one of these activities for your country/region/project context.

List three (and provide the Internet link) of the handbooks, documents, or scientific studies that you find—and then write a brief paragraph summarizing the documents.

If none of these technologies In Assignment 4 are appropriate for your project and your community—then you’ll have a fairly easy assignment this week—all you need to do is to tell me that they aren’t appropriate.

The homework to turn in will be:
1. A short paragraph about this week’s resources and which of them might be interesting to you and also your community’s potential interest in the viability of incorporating one aspect of these technologies into your project— and a short bulleted list showing potential activities.
2. A list of three online resources (including their online links) about early warning systems or disaster mitigation in your project’s country.
3. A short paragraph summarizing your findings described in these documents.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment Four to see what this could look like.

See you next week.