Assignment Seven Discussion
Online Learning: OL 345 Community Based DRR Training.
Center for Sustainable Development.

Assignment Seven. Identifying DRR sub-activities for capacity building; Workshop Lesson Planning.
Last assignment we expanded upon our project outline with a new set of sub activities—the actual techniques for community members to use in disaster risk reduction.

The first thing we did was to show the expanded outline to the members of the DRR Committee for their feedback. As we learned in 344 these continued conversations with the community members will continue to maintain their ownership of the project—which means that when we’re done with our grant cycle they will continue to maintain these techniques and activities.

We also asked them which one of the activities they wanted to start with first. That not only established their ownership of the activity, but it gave us something specific for planning a workshop for next week.

This assignment will begin the process of developing a series of workshops on DRR practices that community members will need for increasing resilience. These practices are the specific things that they will need to learn how to do, how to incorporate them into daily/monthly routines, and learn how to ensure their continuation.

For example, if your community members don’t have an evacuation center your project may include building an evacuation center. One activity in your program might be to begin a government advocacy campaign in order to get support in its construction. The skill set that we’re trying to support here is for community members to understand the value of having an evacuation center—and the value of maintaining it over time. We’re trying to encourage them to adopt sound practices and maintain them for a long time.

You should all be old hands at designing and preparing for workshops by now! You probably also have a ready supply of lesson plans that you can edit quickly to use in your workshop. I’m also providing a field guide, how-to card and workshop lesson plan that might be useful for you to modify as well.

This is very exciting because with the workshop next week that you are planning this week you will be officially launching the implementation phase of your DRR project component!

I’m looking forward to seeing photos.

I look forward to seeing your work this week—please move on to assignment 7.


Tim Magee