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Growth at the Center has been spectacular thanks to you.

I’m writing to tell you about a few of our achievements and to show you a few simple ways that you can help us grow more.

Online Courses
Our first online field courses were offered just 30 months ago with only two programs. Since that time, people from 129 countries have enrolled in over 800 of our courses and have developed course projects—on-the-ground—that are impacting over 200,000 people.

Our course catalog has expanded from the original two courses to an offering of 20 that cover project design, funding, and implementation, community-based adaptation to climate change, disaster risk reduction, food security and home gardens, monitoring and evaluation, diversifying livelihoods, water conservation and management, forest stewardship and improved agricultural practices.

How can you help us expand the number of people in developing nations impacted through course projects?
1. Sign up! Learn how to develop impact oriented field projects from the ground up using proven methods that produce sustainable results—and collaborate with course colleagues in partnerships from Northern and Southern countries.

2. Donate a scholarship. Participants from developing countries are hungry for contemporary development information but are challenged by the training fees. A $100 scholarship donations solves that problem—but any amount that you can contribute will help positively impact poor community members in developing nations.

The CSDi Newsletter
We started our newsletter in 2009 with just a few subscribers. Since then, our subscriber list has grown to over 8,000 people from 176 countries. The newsletter always features new content, but it’s also a reminder of the month’s announcements about new resources, projects, and people.

How can you help us expand our newsletter coverage? Subscribe. Circulate copies of the newsletter to your friends and colleagues. Post a link to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.

In 18 months, over 800 people have ‘liked’ us on our Facebook page. Through the Facebook page we showcase projects from the field that are addressing challenges with natural resources, water, health, forestry, food security, agriculture, livelihoods and climate change. Students share field project information in real-time on our page.

We also announce development resources that we’ve developed at the Center. Over the past few months we’ve announced:

  • a set of project templates for DRR, adaptation and development projects
  • a set of field guides for development practitioners to use in their communities
  • a series of free, weekly “Online Lite” courses on how to design, fund and launch field projects
  • our monthly newsletter with case studies & detailed information on field projects

How can you help us on Facebook? Simple: help us build our fan base. ‘Like’ our page, like a post, share our posts with friends—but most importantly—share your thoughts and opinions on our page with your own posts and comments. We want to hear from you.

CSDi Development Community
Our Development Community lets you post blogs, form and/or join specialty development groups, problem solve with fellow professionals, and announce events. In just two years, 750 development professionals have joined the community.

How can you help us with the Development Community? Easy: join! Tell your friends about it—you don’t need to be a professional to join—you just need the desire to learn, grow and share.

CSDi Website Membership
Since launching our website membership less than six months ago, almost 700 people have become members. Not a member? Membership is free. As a member you will have access to a large collection of resources for increasing impact in the field:

  • Community workshop lesson plans for 150 development activities
  • Access to over 200 manuals & field guides of development activities organized by sector
  • Access to specialized climate change related manuals, field guides & academic papers
  • Background information on 12 traditional development sectors
  • Community-Based Adaptation: 300 Hands-On Field Activities
  • Monthly newsletter with case studies & detailed information of field projects

Join and enjoy!

Thank you in advance for your interest in helping us grow.

Tim Magee
Executive Director


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