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We’ve been very lucky this year with the high quality of our student field partners and of the projects they developed—and during November we featured select projects in four newsletters for specialty audiences. Each project has a short write-up—as well as detailed background information about the actual communities and solution oriented project activities.

Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change News: CBA

CBA projects from 4 countries & tools for perfecting project design

  • 300 Hands-On Field Activities for Community Based Adaptation Projects
  • Is Climate Change Affecting Farmers in Your Country? It is in Guatemala
  • Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation: A Guide for Practitioners

  • Climate Change Risk & Vulnerability in a Remote Tanzanian Village
  • CC Study in Injustice: 10 Million Additional African Children Malnourished by 2050
  • Do you think that indigenous knowledge should be incorporated into CBA projects?

Forests and Climate Change News

Forests are a major component of coastlines, rivers, biodiversity & farms

  • Bangladesh: Participatory Riparian Forest Management Program
  • Perú: Participatory Restoration & Conservation of  Mangrove Ecosystem
  • Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture for Malawi Food Security

  • Forest Reserve Nigeria: REDD+ | NTFPs | Climate Smart Agroforestry
  • Community Afforestation Program in Bangladesh

 Water and Climate Change News

Water challenges range from domestic water to agriculture, floods, drought, health

  • Families in Kenyan Village Have 4% of the Water as do Canadian Families
  • 36% Water Shortage in Mexico City: Rainwater Harvesting Solution
  • Drought & Flood in Remote Tanzanian Village

  • Community Afforestation Program in Bangladesh
  • Water Management Program: Will It Help Mauritian Farmers Adapt to Climate Change Hazards?

Islands and Climate Change News

Islanders suffer from erosion, water shortages, pollution, habitat loss and tropical storms

  • Yadua Village, Fiji: 200 people are suffering climate change induced rising sea levels
  • 7 Years of extreme weather in Granada increases malnutrition & poverty
  • Climate change related drought plagues island farmers on Timor Leste

  • British Virgin Islands: climate change induced heavy rains impact local economy
  • Mindanao Island: reduced fish catch due to climate variability
  • Wet and Dry in Mauritius: Film by Matt Gray—Fulbright Scholar and CSDi student

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 Do you have a community-based adaptation to climate change project that you would like to be featured in a new Earthscan book from Routledge?  
‘A Field Guide to Community-Based Adaptation’ is being written by Tim Magee for development practitioners and will include clear, step-by-step descriptions of successful project activities. We are seeking an international range of innovative and successful activities to include.

We look forward to receiving contributions from actors at all levels—and we especially welcome contributions from practitioners themselves. Please follow the link for submission instructions including an example submission.

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