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Are you a donor, a development practitioner, in a job transition, or a student who wants to learn more about what works in designing impact-oriented projects?

Courses Begin March 15. Online course participants are using our courses to develop real, on-the-ground projects with real communities—both individually and through North/South student partnerships. People like you from 92 different countries and 200 organizations used CSDi online courses to develop projects in 2010 impacting 70.000 people.

CSDi Online Courses Capture a True Field Experience.
Our online courses use each class assignment as a concrete step in developing a real project within a real community. You will take an assignment into the field and use it as a solution-oriented activity that you do together with community members—thereby finishing one component of the project you are developing in the class. And there you have it: an online field course with tangible, concrete results.

Don’t have community access? No problem: we partner you with a fellow student in a developing nation who does. Click on the course links below to see syllabi, course fees, and to enroll.

Here’s a sample of the courses that are available starting March 15:

Course partners work in all development sectors—but here is an example of the types of projects that students develop in just one representative sector—water:

  • resilience to weather variability & extreme weather conditions
  • community flood resilience program; flood preparation, response & recovery
  • forming community based flood management (response) committees
  • community awareness-raising of disaster risk and response
  • bio-engineering for slope stabilization & land slide/flash flood reduction
  • insufficient community water
  • emergency preparedness/disaster risk management
  • contaminated water and poor health
  • water purification
  • rainwater harvesting
  • protection & restoration of community springs & watersheds
  • livelihood adaptation in Caribbean island communities
  • agricultural water conservation & management
  • developing water infrastructure systems
  • adaptation in Small Island Developing States

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you online!

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Would you like to learn more about what the courses are like? Just visit these pages:

Student Testimonials

International Partnerships

Learning Environment

Student Field Projects

Example Assignment: Kenya

Student Countries, Organizations, Project Challenges

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