CSDi Online Lite—Week 3: Will Your Theory of a Solution Work?

OL 341—Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change

This week, we continue posting samples of our light version of our most popular course. This will allow you to have a little background on what studnents are posting on our Facebook page, and at our Development Community. Just click on the two links below.

Week 3: Will Your Theory of a Solution Work?
OL 341 Assignment Three CBA Discussion
Magee Example Project OL 341 Assignment Three

Investigating if there is a scientific basis that our proposed theory and activities have worked on other projects.

Suppose that you are a mother whose children are suffering, and an unknown organization came to you with a plan to help your children. Wouldn’t you want that plan to work? Suppose that you are a donor hoping that your donations will fulfill some need. Wouldn’t you want your donations to have an impact? Suppose that you were a local NGO hoping to improve the lives of your people. Wouldn’t you want to be successful?

There is an extraordinarily simple solution to this and that is to do a bit of research to see if any studies have been done about the effectiveness of your proposed activities.

The Lite Version
Each week, running in parallel with the course, I will be posting a discussion sheet about community-based adaptation, and an example of the week’s homework. This is simply to give you the opportunity of seeing what these courses are like from the student’s perspective & also give you an opportunity to better understand what the students are discussing that week.

This is called the Lite Version, because the full course has a collection of online student resources, expanded discussions about that week’s assignment, and, of course, it has the course leader who works with students in reviewing their assignments and in making suggestions for their projects.

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