Jan. Project Design Training for: Nonprofits | Intl. Development | Climate Change

Winter Quarter Final Call: January 7
January Training in Project Design for: Nonprofits | International Development | Climate Change | Nutrition | Agriculture | Water Management
Programs in English & Español
Winter Quarter Distance Learning Courses Begin January 7.  Haga click aquí para Cursos en Español.

We’ve trained development professionals from 500 organizations in 147 countries to develop projects impacting over 350,000 people. Student projects have utilized 270 different kinds of solution-oriented activities to address community need. Scan the list to see which would work best for your project.
Fine Tune your Projects with this Powerful array of Elective Courses

341. Designing and Funding Community Based Adaptation Projects. Come study with us January 7.
In this training we will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, in a real village, and leave you with the practical field tools to sustain it.

  1. Conduct a participatory needs assessment with a community in your own country guided by CSDi staff.
  2. Use the needs assessment to begin the development of a complete, fundable, launchable project.
  3. Launch your project with the continued guidance of your CSDi workshop leader.

101. International Development: Designing & Funding International Development Projects.
Are you working in international development in areas such as food security, health and hygiene, watershed management, agriculture, or income generation? Then this training program is for you.
This training program will present an ‘online field experience,’ and lead participants in the process of developing sustainable, self sufficient communities. This training program will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, in a real village.

 201. Northern Nonprofit: Designing & Funding Nonprofit Projects in Developed Nations.
If you work with a nonprofit in a northern country managing programs such as food banks, animal rescue, teen drop-in centers, homeless shelters, day care centers, OL 201 for Northern Nonprofits will help you develop a sustainable, impact oriented, local project.
The course will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, and leave you with the practical tools to sustain it. For example, student projects have included efforts to help communities in Europe and North America with community development, youth employment, income generation, empowering immigrant women, the Inuit and climate change, and environmental restoration.
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The Center for Sustainable Development specializes in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training for humanitarian development professionals worldwide. CSDi is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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