Join the CSDi team and end suffering and poverty for 2,168 human beings

The past two years have been incredible for the Center, but our achievements would not have been possible without your support.  
With your help, we were able to train 500 people from 350 organizations and 113 countries develop projects that impact 170,000 people worldwide.
Take your tax deduction:
There are only 2 days left to help us reach our year-end goal: providing scholarships to international field staff to help them increase their reach to 200,000 people.


Your donation will help over 2,000 people
$100 provides 2 international front-line staff with scholarships to learn how to launch sustainable projects in some of the world’s most remote villages. 
Student projects, on average, impact 1,084 individuals. Your $100.00 donation for 2 scholarships can help 2,168 individual villagers.
Our Goal: 100 Scholarships
We are leveraging impact: by providing real-time consulting and training for 100 front-line staff—each working with a community of 1,000 people
the Center can help reduce suffering and poverty for 100,000 of the world’s poorest people.
Learn about 18 real field projects, the students behind them, and the communities they are impacting in our special edition  December Field Projects Newsletter.
 Worldwide over 1 billion people suffer from hunger. 2.6 billion people don’t have access to decent sanitation. 1.1 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water. 1.3 billion people live on $1.25 a day or less. 72 million children of primary school age—the majority of them girls—do not attend school.

Your $100.00 scholarship donation will provide scholarships for 2 development practitioners

Your $50.00 scholarship donation will provide the tools and training needed to help one development practitioner improve the lives of members of a remote village.

Any size donation will help:

A donation of any size will help the Center continue to advance programs to end hunger and poverty, improve health—and strengthen entire communities.
Help us this New Year to raise the number of vulnerable people we can help to 200,000.

 Would you like to learn more about how we do this?
CSDi Winter Quarter 2012: Upcoming Online Field Courses: January 10, 2012
Don’t have access to a community?
No problem: We partner you with a developing nation partner who does. Norther/South partners do all field assignments together and communicate through photos, videos, skype and email. See an example of a real student activity on Food Security.
Thank you in advance—Happy New Year!


Tim Magee
Executive Director


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The Center for Sustainable Development specializes in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training for humanitarian development professionals worldwide. CSDi is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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