Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation: A Guide for Practitioners

We are pleased to draw your attention to a new Guide released by UNDP-UNEP entitled “Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning: A Guide for Practitioners”.   

Climate change adaptation is an area of growing concern and engagement for many developing countries. Increasingly, countries are coming to realize that, in the long term, climate change adaptation needs to be supported by an integrated, cross-cutting policy approach.

This guide provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how governments and other national actors can mainstream climate change adaptation into national development planning as part of broader mainstreaming efforts. It is aimed at public decision makers and practitioners in developing countries dealing with climate change adaptation.

In more detail, the Guide:

  • describes key concepts related to mainstreaming adaptation to climate change
  • presents an operating model to mainstreaming climate adaptation
  • provides guidance on finding the right entry points into national development planning and making the case to decision-makers
  • outlines how to integrate climate adaptation into policy processes, including collecting country-specific evidence
  • offers guidance on meeting the implementation challenge from strengthening national monitoring systems to budgeting processes and policy measures at national, sector and subnational levels to strengthening institutions and capacities

The guide draws on substantial experience and lessons learned by the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative in working with governments to integrate environmental management for pro-poor economic growth and development into national development planning and decision-making.

The Guide can be accessed on-line at:

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