New Resources: Field Tools for the 12 Sectors of Development

I would like to share several important new resources:

1. Field Tools for the 12 Sectors of Development. The Center for Sustainable Development has just published a new resource where you can find background information, manuals, workshop lesson plans, how-to cards and links to specialized documents.

2. An important new document has been released by IFPRI. IFPRI Strategies for Adapting to Climate Change in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

Your Adaptation Group has a Document Reader where I encourage you to post documents for sharing. You can access it by clicking on Document Reader near the top of this page or by following this link to download the new IFPRI study. There are other documents posted there as well.

3. I have also been assembling other important links for the upcoming Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change course that can be accessed here:
OL 341: Specialized Links to Adaptation Documents and Sites


Tim Magee

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