Sept. Programs: English & Español | Adaptation | Guatemala | DRR | Food | Ag | Water | Development

Sept. 2: Programs in English & Español | Adaptation | Guatemala | DRR | Food | Ag  | Water | Development 
1. Special 2 Month Blended Distance and  Live Training Program: September 2 – October 28.
Designing and Funding International Development—and Community Based Adaptation Projects:
Desarrollo en América Latina: Sección en Español
El Centro de Desarrollo Sostenible (CSDi) está ofreciendo un programa de capacitación internacional de 2 meses en el diseño y financiamiento de proyectos de desarrollo —incluyendo un taller en vivo en Guatemala comenzando en Septiembre.
Este programa de aprendizaje mixto está disponible en 2 temas especializados:

  1. Diseño y financiamiento para proyectos de adaptación al cambio climático basado en la comunidad
  2. Diseño y financiamiento de proyectos sostenibles de desarrollo internacional

Aprendizaje Mixto:

Programa de Aprendizaje a Distancia & Taller en Vivo. Durante este aprendizaje mixto de capacitación de 2 meses participará en:
  • Aprendizaje a Distancia: Evaluación Participativa de Necesidades. 4 Semanas. Se realizarán evaluaciones participativas de necesidades con una comunidad en su propio país.
  • Un Taller en Vivo: Diseño y Desarrollo de un Proyecto Completo. 6 Días. Al llegar a Guatemala, usará sus evaluaciones de necesidades para comenzar a desarrollar un proyecto completo.
  • Lanzamiento del Proyecto: Desarrollo de Capacidades Comunitarias: 4 Semanas. Regrese a su país para lanzar su proyecto con la orientación continua del líder del taller de CSDi.
International Development: English Section
The Center for Sustainable Development (CSDi) is pleased to offer an international, two-month blended training program on designing and funding development projects —including a live workshop in Guatemala beginning in September.
Choose from one of three specialized fields that will best meet your programming needs:

  1. Designing and funding projects for community-based adaptation
  2. Designing and funding international development projects
  3. Designing and funding northern nonprofit projects

Blended Training:
Blended Distance Learning & Live Workshop training program. During the 2 month blended training program you will participate in:

  • Distance Learning: Participatory Needs Assessments. 4 Weeks. Conduct participatory needs assessments with a community in the country where you work.
  • Live Workshop: Full Project Design & Development. 6 Days. In Guatemala, you will use your needs assessments to begin the development of a complete, manageable project.
  • Project Launch: Community Capacity Building. 4 Weeks. Return home to your country and launch your project with the cotinued guidance of CSDi staff.
2. Fall Quarter
Distance Learning Courses Begin September 2.  Haga click aquí para Cursos en Español.

We’ve trained development professionals from 500 organizations in 147 countries to develop projects impacting over 350,000 people. Student projects have utilized 270 different kinds of solution-oriented activities to address community need. Scan the list to see which would work best for your project.
3. Electives
Fine Tune your Projects with this Powerful array of Elective Courses

4. Come Back!
1/2 Price Courses
Several of you were too busy to complete one of our courses. We realize that many of our participants lead busy professional lives—and because of that we offer to let you take the course again in order to finish your project—for one half of the normal price.

Some of you asked us to send you an occasional reminder about when courses will be offered again. Fall quarter begins September 2. Now is your chance! You can re-enroll in the course you want to finish for 1/2 the normal price if you continue with the same project.

Contact us to learn more about this special offer at:
5. International Workshop: Designing and Funding CBA Projects. Come Study with Us September 2.
Two Month Blended Distance & Live Training
This blended training program includes 6 days in beautiful Guatemala.
In this training we will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, in a real village, and leave you with the practical field tools to sustain it. Follow link for detailed syllabus.

  1. Conduct a participatory needs assessment with a community in your own country in preparation for the Guatemala workshop—guided by CSDi staff.
  2. Upon arriving in Guatemala, use the needs assessment to begin the development of a complete, fundable, launchable project in this 6-day training workshop.
  3. Return home and launch your project with the continued guidance of your CSDi workshop leader.

 6. Northern Nonprofit: Designing & Funding Nonprofit Projects in Developed Nations. Blended Distance and Live Training.
If you work with a nonprofit in a northern country working on traditional programs such as food banks, animal rescue, teen drop-in centers, homeless shelters, day care centers, community development, or environmental restoration—Diploma OL 240 for Northern Nonprofits will help you develop a sustainable, impact oriented, local project. Take this course as a 100% Distance Learning Program. Follow the link to learn more.
The course will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, and leave you with the practical tools to sustain it. For example, student projects have included efforts to help communities in Europe and North America with community development, youth employment, income generation, empowering immigrant women, the Inuit and climate change, and environmental restoration.
7. International Development: Designing & Funding International Development Projects. 2 Month Blended Distance and Live Training.
Are you working in international development in areas such as food security, health and hygiene, watershed management, agriculture, or income generation? Then this training program is for you. Read the syllabus and see how the course is organized.
This two-month training program will present an ‘online field experience,’ and lead participants in the process of developing sustainable, self sufficient communities. This blended learning program will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, in a real village.
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