2010 Survey of CSDi Partner Projects: November 2010 Newsletter

2010 Survey of 88 CSDi Partner Projects: November 2010 Newsletter 

Development professionals from 81 countries and 150 organizations have developed projects in our courses in 2010. We decided to analyze the best of the 2010 student projects to get a sense of the hierarchy of the challenges. We selected 88 of the best projects in 42 different countries and impacting 70,000 community members.

These 88 projects incorporate 100 different kinds of activities (interventions) that students have researched prior to including them into their solution strategy. You can see a complete list of their project activities here.

Please open the November Newsletter to see a chart of the project activities prioritized by which activities are are used most in international projects.

These are activity categories that students discovered during needs assessments with their communities. In other words, these are the challenges that communities identified and prioritized—and that students developed into projects.

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