World Food Day in NW Kenya

Kenyan Partner Project update: Demonstration family garden developed in August was selected to host this year’s World Food Day in NW Kenya. Photos of food crops and family gardeners.

The demonstration garden online students Conrad Otterness and Bosco Odongo developed in August was selected to host this year’s World Food Day celebrations in his district. Learn more about his project.

“After the WFD demonstrations, and having had a short tour of their home gardens, we realized that there were three things that the home gardeners were the most interested in, the concept of mulching and its three main benefits, using plastic bottles with holes in the bottom to slowly water the plants below the surface of the soil (to reduce the amount of water they would have to carry to their garden), and preparation of liquid manure.”

What are your thoughts on how we can expand upon the number of family gardens for nutrition in the developing world? Please comment below – we want to hear your thoughts.

See the example assignment with photos from Kenya.

OL 304 Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens

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  1. After the World Food Day word about our work spread to a number of people who did not attend the function. We have had a number of visitors coming to see our demonstration site. We still welcome more visitors and comments on how to improve our work.

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