Adaptation to Climate Change Strategy: Raised Beds for Home Gardens Handle Flooding.

Bosco Odongo, Kenya, and Conrad Otterness, US, have been working on a Food Security and Home Gardening Project in NW Kenya for the past six months in OL 304. This week’s assignment was to evaluate the most significant problems that the 120 families that have established home gardens are facing. An early problem for them was that seasonal flooding rendered farm fields unproductive.

Bosco worked with 120 families in 3 villages to develop home gardens for food security – using raised gardening beds. As we can see in the photos of the attached assignment, the beds raised the vegetables above waterlogged fields – and the gardeners channeled the flood waters to plant water-loving crops.

This is an effective adaptation to climate change strategy when unpredictable storms precipitate floods in home garden areas.

Visit Bosco and Conrad’s project report.

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