NYT: D.I.Y. Foreign-Aid Revolution

Nicholas Kristof wrote a NY Times Magazine article that has created quite a reaction among readers. In the article, he profiles an organization – SHE – that has Rwandan staff enrolled in our most popular course – OL 101: From the Ground Up.

However, in the article he promotes the the concept of individuals – individuals with plenty of motivation, but little professional experience – going into the developing world to solve complex problems. Below there are the links to the article, one reaction from a concerned reader, one CSDi newsletter and Kristof’s response to a week’s worth of comments.

This is a wonderfully thought provoking series of articles. How do you feel about this subject?

Readers: What are your thoughts on whether individuals can make a difference in the developing world? Please comment below – we want to hear from you. Or comment in our Development Community or on Facebook.

The Articles:
D.I.Y. Foreign-Aid Revolution; Kristof
Kristof answering Readers on DIY Aid
D.I.Y. aid might inspire but doesn’t address the underbelly of feel-good projects

How Serious are We About Long-Term Impact?

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