Become the Solution: 5 Hands-on Ways to Impact Humanity this December

December 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Center,

We are contacting you this holiday season to thank you for your participation in our sustainable development programs—participation which led to rapid growth in 2010:

  • Several hundred development practitioners from 81 countries & 150 organizations took online courses in 2010—developing real projects and reducing suffering and poverty for 70,000 community members worldwide.

Here are 5 ways that you can help us expand our reach to an even larger number of community members in need around the world:

1. Make sure you share your development activities, projects, resources, enthusiasm and expertise by joining our Development Community.

2. Become a fan on our Facebook Page by ‘liking’ us. Post your ideas and make comments on our wall. Help us get the word out!

3. Subscribe to our blog through our RSS button on the website and learn about evolving project successes.

4. Become the Solution: Sign up for a January course—in developing sustainable, fundable development projects or on Adaptation to Climate Change—they are fun, exciting, full of hands-on techniques—and you get to partner with someone from a different hemisphere.

See what the 4 month evolution of a Kenyan Food Security project looks like through examples of a student’s July, October and November field assignments. Learn about the course environment, international partnerships, student projects, and what students say about the courses.

5. But most importantly, donate a scholarship. Be generous this holiday season; many students in developing nations have difficulty with course fees. “This course has opened my destiny.” Jennifer, Uganda. Meet a few scholarship recipients.

Scholarship donations are only $100.00 each—and assist one student complete a matched pair of courses—but any size donation helps: $50.00 or $25.00 gives you a share in a scholarship.

Every student project reduces suffering and poverty for people in need: Help more students Become the Solution!

On behalf of the Center team, thank you for making 2010 a success. Your continued collaboration is key to strengthening the practice of sustainable development in a world of growing need.

Happy Holiday Season,

Tim Magee

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