How Do We Connect Partner Field Projects To Donors

There is a strong field component in our online courses—students develop real projects—and also present their projects to donors in 2 course assignments. After working with several hundred students we began to realize that many had developed substantial projects that were impacting the lives of 70,000 people.

A certain number of student projects rise to the top. With our detailed project information we can assess the truly solid ones. We feature these students’ projects in newsletters, blogs & social postings—and the donation page where individuals can donate to these pre-vetted solutions to suffering & poverty.

Each month we feature a ‘Project of the Month’ in our newsletter. There is a project page on the website that links to individual project details. Weekly we post project updates to Facebook and to our Development Community.

Here are three examples of the same course project that we have featured as it progressed over four months:

OL 303 Food Security & Home Gardens Assignment 3 Kenya July 26, 2010
OL 304 Food Security & Home Gardens Assignment 1 Kenya October 18, 2010
OL 304 Food Security & Home Gardens Assignment 5 Kenya Nov. 15, 2010

Consider a scholarship donation—or a donation to this project.

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