Ghana: Teenage Mothers’ Entrepreneurial Training Program

In May, 2010, partners Ekua Ansah-Eshon, Ghana, and Elsie Reed, Nigeria, began the process of developing a project to help teenage girls rise out of the vicious cycle of teenage pregnancies and poverty through gaining literacy—and job and entrepreneurial skills.

Location: Diabene—a rural community in the Western region of Ghana.

The Challenge
Teenage mothers from Diabene suffer from an inability to fund essential life needs of their children and themselves due to a lack of knowledge of reproductive rights, family planning, healthy family dynamics, a lack of job skills, and vocational and entrepreneurial training. This leads to poor health and nutrition, and an inability for children to remain in school and for the young mothers to participate in income generating activities.
How these young families enjoy improved livelihoods, nutrition and educational access
Learn about this 18-month training program where teenage mothers from Diabene will learn reproductive rights, family planning and develop job skills and literacy. This is allowing young mothers to participate in income generating activities and to provide better nutrition and educational opportunities for their children and leading them to become prosperous, productive members of their communities.
Project Details

Project duration: 18 months
CSDi Partner: Advocates & Trainers for Women’s Welfare Advancement & Rights
Project Manager: Ekua Ansah-Eshon, Founder
Fact Sheet: 2-page project report
Key words: Livelihoods, entrepreneuriship, vocational training, education, nutrition, reproductive rights, family planning.

More in-depth information about this project including locational map.

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