101 Hands-on Field Tools for Sustainable Development Projects

What Works in International Development?
Sustainable projects are based upon a series of building block activities that have shown scientific evidence of having worked, and that provide effective grassroots solutions to needs identified by rural communities. These are known as Evidence-Based Best Practices.

All of the following resources can be found on CSDi’s Field Tools page.

We research these best practice activities and package them in easy-to-use:

  • download documents
  • field guides
  • workshop lesson plans
  • workshop posters and how-to cards

Project Resources are Arranged by Sector:

1. Participation
2. Water & Sanitation
3. Health & Hygiene  
4. Food & Agriculture 
5. Education & Literacy 
6. Eco Sustainability  
7. Economic Dev 
8. Infrastructure 
9. Energy  
10. Migration
11. Emergency Relief 
12. Climate Change

We also provide information on how to assemble sustainable projects using the resources above in these pages:

123 Project Development
Here is a simple example of how to use the tools on this website to include evidence-based interventions in:

  • the implementation of a grant you have received
  • building an impact oriented project from the ground up

Design Projects With Impact
This page shows a step-by-step progression an NGO can take to design compelling projects with these qualities and for presentation to donors.

Example Integrated Projects
Select from individual activities on this website when designing a project, or come here, to the Project Examples Directory, for pre-integrated project ideas.

What are your thoughts on efficent ways to find new evidence-based best practices for projects?

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