How To Increase Incomes in Madagascar: Less than 50¢/person/day for 149 Malagasy Families

Tanjona Andriamarolaza of NGO ‘Promo-Antananarivo’ developed a project in 101 & 102 with course partner Marta Gorska (Poland/UK) to increase incomes for these families. A 2009 military coup’s internationally unrecognized government & a collapsed economy increase the challenge.

The villagers traditionally made money through laundry services, but a shortage of clean water and tools – and the national economy – has reduced incomes and led to malnutrition and reduced schooling for village children. See Tanjona and Marta’s Project LogFrame describing their solution activities.
“The Promo-Antananarivo staff has decided to work with these 149 vulnerable families in the fokontany of Ambohipo. This fokontany is divided on 3 villages (Andohaniato,  Ampahateza,  Ambohipo Tanana). 40% of them are a family headed by woman and they have approximately 5 family members each. The very important need of this community is their family incomes which are less than 0.5 USD/day/person.”

Project Goal Statement:

149 families in three Malagasy villages in the fokontany of Ambohipo will have improved family incomes due to improvements of the washery equipment and materials, a program in the diversification of income generating activities, and a program in the improvement of vocational skills of beneficiaries. This will lead to improved and sufficient daily food consumption by the community (in both quality and quantity), improved development of children and their performance at school, improved nutrition for children, enhanced health care for the families enabling them to leave the vicious cycle of poverty.

Read the full LogFrame which describes step-by-step activities for helping these washerwomen increase family incomes, and includes an impact statement and a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

OL 101 and OL 102 – the courses Tanjona and Marta took.

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