How you can help 140,000 people leave poverty in 2011

Dear Friends of the Center,

Give the gift of a training scholarship this December. Here’s why.
In 2010 we trained project partners to reduce poverty and relieve suffering for 70,000 people worldwide.

Our goal in 2011 is to double that to 140,000 people.  

Here are just a few of our project partners that hail from 84 countries and 150 organizations that participated in online training in 2010—developing real projects with real communities in reducing poverty for 70,000 villagers worldwide.

What a Scholarship empowers trainees to do:

The Center works with each trainee to develop a project using the latest development techniques and project management tools to end suffering permanently.

Help more trainees ‘Become the Solution’!
Although our field partners are on-the-ground getting the job done—they find the training fees challenging. Generous donors like you have provided scholarships that let them participate in the training programs.

Give a scholarship this December—and help 140,000 people in 2011.
Scholarship donations are only $100—but any size donation helps: $50 or even $25 gets you a share in a scholarship.

On behalf of the Center team, thank you for making 2010 the success. Your continued support is key to strengthening the practice of sustainable development in a world of growing need.


Tim Magee
Executive Director

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