Join Cross-Hemisphere Partnerships and Create Real Community Impact

Do you want to learn more about what works on-the-ground when designing impact-oriented projects? In our Online Field Courses, you actually work in villages with people in need—difficult to do online you say?

If you are a donor in Chicago, an INGO Grant Writer in Wellington, or a student in Manchester—rather than an NGO Staffer in Nairobi—how will you work in a village? We partner you with a field staffer working with a real community on-the-ground—in countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya, Columbia, Peru, Cambodia, Nepal, Mauritius or Venezuela. And there you have it: an online field course with community-centered impact.

Each class assignment is a concrete step in developing a project in the field. Some of the assignments are done within the communities you serve: do it as a solution-oriented activity together with the community, and advance the project and finish a component of your class project.

Partners communicate with each other about assignments through email, photo exchanges, chat rooms, and Skype. Can’t join the course? Consider the gift of a scholarship.

The Kenyan Partner
Margaret Muthui, Program Director at the Benevolent Institute Of Development Initiatives (BIDII) in Kenya worked with the community of 500 families (3,000 individuals) in Lita that were suffering from a severe shortage of water. Maggie worked with community members to develop a participatory needs assessment — and then partnered with Erin Watson of Canada and one of our courses to develop a sustainable project in this community.
The Canadian Partner
Erin Watson of Montréal, Canada, partnered with Maggie through our course on designing and funding sustainable development projects. ‘I have to tell you that I found the partnership in this course so rewarding and I’m really enjoying working with Margaret. She provides me community information, I do research and send her a draft, then she sends the assignment back to me with her suggestions’. Erin also approached donors in Canada for funding this project.

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