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March 2012 Newsletter
1.   One Week Left to Enroll: Online Field Courses: March 6, 2012


BECOME THE SOLUTION. Are you a donor, a development practitioner, in a job transition, or a student who wants to learn more about what works in development?
Join us along with students from all over the world March 6 to improve an existing project or learn from scratch how to design, fund and launch a community based project. Student projects have utilized 175 different kinds of solution-oriented activities to address community need. Scan the list to see which ones would work best for your project.

2.  Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change News

Vulnerability-Nigeria | Climate Smart Agriculture | Grenada & Fiji | Food Security-Ethiopia

  • Forest Reserve Nigeria: REDD+ | NTFPs | Stewardship of Biodiversity Hotspot
  • Malawi: Agroforestry and Conservation for Food Security
  • Ethiopia: DRR program reducing risk from climate change that adversely impacts food security
  • 7 Years of extreme weather in Grenada increases malnutrition & poverty
  • Fiji: 200 people are suffering from climate change induced rising sea levels

3.  Water and Climate Change News

Ethiopia | Uganda | Nigeria | New: 50 Dev Program Templates | 1,000 Water Solutions | Water from Rocks

  • Ethiopia: Urban agriculture, safe water & nutrition for people living with HIV/AIDS +
  • Uganda: 300  agricultural families suffer from malnutrition caused by climate variability
  • Nigeria: 200 families suffering from chronic food shortages caused by a lack of access to water
  • Water from Rocks: Using rock formations for collecting water during rainstorms in arid locations
  • has posted more than a thousand solutions from more than 120 countries

4.  New CSDi Membership Opportunity: Gain access to hundreds of development resources
 What Works in International Development? Sustainable projects are based upon a series of building block activities that have shown scientific evidence of having worked, and that provide effective grassroots solutions to needs identified by rural communities. Take a look below to see what is available to members.
Free Membership Benefits. As a member you will have access to a collection of resources for increasing impact in the field. Read more about membership benefits.
  • Community workshop lesson plans for 150 development activities
  • Access to over 200 manuals & field guides of development activities organized by sector
  • Access to specialized climate change related manuals, field guides & academic papers
  • Background information on 12 traditional development sectors
  • Community-Based Adaptation: 300 Hands-On Field Activities
  • Monthly newsletter with case studies & detailed information of field projects
5.   Best of March Online Resources for CBA Practitioners

6.  New CSDi Release: 50 Solution-Oriented Program Templates for Challenges in Relief, Development & Adapatation
 Here are a range of solutions in the form of programs and activities that past students have used successfully in addressing project challenges. Feel free to use them, modify them, or develop your own solutions instead. Many of the programs are highly specific to one student’s project and will need to be adapted to fit yours. Many of the programs have multiple activities; these are to give you options for customizing your own programs: edit the activities down as you see fit for your project. Also, be sure to visit:

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