Vietnam: Teo Do’s NGO has built a CBA demonstration farming model

CBA Diploma candidate Teo Do is working in Huong Phong commune to save lives during natural disasters and to improve family income through his Natural Disaster and Improved Livelihood Project. His NGO has been implementing a CBA Project funded by GEF.
Vietnam Temperature Trends
Vietnam: Teo Do’s NGO has built a CBA demonstration farming model
Teo just sent links to educational slide shows that have been developed by his NGO: Consultative & Research Center for Natural Resource Management (CORENARM).
This CBA project in Huong Phong helps improve the adaptive capacities of coastal communities and their resilience to climate change impacts. It also focused on informing service providers, policy-makers and local communities of the learning and findings, in order to improve support to future Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) processes.
To meet the objectives set by the project, CORENARM has built a farming demonstration model to adapt to climate change and bring economic benefits to local people.
Participatory Seasonal Calendar
These are the themes of the slide shows detailing project activities.
  • Planting and protection mangrove forest
  • Model of rehabilitation of local salt tolerant rice variety
  • Model on alternative raising of shrimp, crab and mullet
  • Model of salt-resistant rice cultivation with freshwater fish

There are a number of other interesting CBA articles on their site.

Good job Teo Do and CORENARM!

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