After Cancun, what are you doing about climate change?

David Kroodsma laid down the gauntlet today in the Huffington Post. Governments, after facing disappointment last year at the climate negotiations in Copenhagen, got off the mat and moved forward this month at new negotiations in Cancun. Kroodsma writes, “Governments have reached a deal. Now, it is our turn.”

He’s right. An international deal is absolutely essential to meeting the challenge of climate change, but some communities are already facing the devastating effects.  We, as individuals, need to start helping those communities adapt to their new realities.

Don’t know where to start? CSDi — a 501c3 — offers a workshop that will step you through workable and sustainable solutions. Note: The early signup discount ends Sunday.

If you live in the developed world, you can still help. Give a scholarship to someone fighting this battle.

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