How to Bring Peace to Yemen

Yemen Partner Project Update: Partners like Omondi Aloo and Conrad Otterness are providing improved health, nutrition, pure water and access to education to Yemenis: This is a formula for Peace and Prosperity.   

Last spring Omondi and I were talking about a family garden project for his community in Yemen – but he didn’t think it could be done in the desert.  Learn more about their project.

“I am happy to inform you that our Food Security project is progressing well. 140 families are actively participating and the kitchen gardens are doing very well. Indeed I had said that I am based in a desert along a coastline at the Red Sea. However, with time I came to realize that there are some limited areas close to the mountains that could actually support home gardening  activities. The challenge of course is water.”


“So in the Food Security project we went into the Ashoukhna district and conducted a needs assessment; in August we started the implementation. The project ends by the end of this month (November) since it was a 5 month project. However, we will look for other partners who can support another phase of the project.” Omondi Aloo. 

Readers: What are your thoughts on whether health, nutrition, pure water and access to education can bring peace and prosperity the developing world? Please comment below – we want to hear from you. Or comment in our Development Community or on Facebook. Read the Food Security proposal that Omondi wrote for the family garden project.

Here is an interesting OP-ED piece by Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times: What Oman Can Teach Us”.

See the example assignment with photos from Yemen.

OL 303 Food Security, Nutrition and Home Gardens

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  1. Omondi Aloo says:

    It makes me happy to make a little contribution to improve the lives of the marginalized communities. This is the best way to promote peaceful coexistence, reduce conflict and eliminate terrorism in the world.

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